Multifaceted Service Delivery Improvements for a Pediatric Clinic

Muthaiga Paediatrics Clinic was a small, private facility that aimed to deliver the highest quality of care by providing a personalized, family-friendly experience.

In 2009, Muthaiga asked GlobalHealth Lab to advise on providing better and more efficient care for its young patients with the ultimate goal of helping to transform the busy practice into a clinic chain. The MIT Sloan student team collected best practices from US clinics, adapted insights to Muthaiga’s environment, conducted in-depth interviews with all of the clinic’s staff, and shadowed and surveyed staff and patients. The students produced a set of job descriptions, daily checklists, and standard operating manuals, and also pilot-tested a subset of proposals designed to make the clinic more efficient. An impact evaluation of the project two years later revealed that many of the operational changes that students developed at Muthaiga were still in place, including daily staff-wide meetings and scheduling improvements.


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