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The GlobalHealth Lab course will be on hiatus for the 2014-2015 academic year and will resume in Spring 2016.

We’re currently in the process of developing shareable materials from the lessons learned over our first six years. Take a look at our inspiration by exploring our past projects.

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Read about the on-site experience, as told by some of our students.


Is your organization working on the front lines of healthcare delivery? Find out how we can help.

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Groundwork Initiative: Practical insights

We’ve worked to develop resources for individuals and organizations looking to understand and improve global healthcare delivery.

From our on-site collaborations, we’ve developed a series of How-To modules that can help those working on the front-lines understand and assess their organizational needs, and provide data-driven solutions.

Groundwork Toolkit

Case studies demonstrate how to analyze healthcare organizations and the unique problems they face.

Business models case studies

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Do you want to lend your expertise, financial support or other resources to help the Groundwork Initiative thrive and grow?

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"Since the departure of the MIT team we are reforming our organization in different areas including changing of our working system and performance…it’s more than valuable."

- Host