Best practices for small clinics (Feb 10, 2011):
– Financial analysis of KFC (pdf) and KFC expense data (xls) and KFC revenue data (xls)
– Operations analysis of KFC (pdf) and KFC Encore analysis (xls)
– KFC marketing analysis (pdf)
– IT recommendations for KFC (pdf)
– Complete analysis for KFC (pdf)

Conducting strategic planning (Mar 25, 2011):
– Project Plan Kyetume – 2008.11.26 (pdf)
– KCBHCP Strategic Plan_ Final Presentation (pdf)
– Kyetume’s 5-year strategic plan (pdf)
– 10 Step Guide for strategic planning (pdf)

Improving operational efficiency for a small pediatric practice

Village Health Works
Founded in 2006, Village Health Works provides free healthcare to the community in Burundi.  Operating under conditions of limited resources, VHW aims to address the social determinants of ill health in a dignified manner. Since its founding, its clinic has treated over 40,000 patients and it has built a safe water supply to the area.  Read an in-depth study of some of the challenges VHW faced moving forward, and how GlobalHealth Lab helped identify solutions to better delivery of care.




Mi Farmacita Nacional

Nyaya Health

Heart Institute of the Caribbean