Through intensive collaboration with our partners, our students have developed tools to help others apply what we’ve learned to improve their own delivery of care.


Browse and download for free some of what we’ve developed so far.  Our list of completed projects grows every year, so check back for more.


Groundwork toolkit: Nurse staffing model for Warmbath’s Hospital (Apr 4, 2011):
– Nurse staffing model (xls)
– How to use the model manual (pdf)

Groundwork toolkit: Launching an emergency call center for KenCall (Apr 4, 2011):
– KenCall Pilot Manual (pdf)

Groundwork toolkit: The benefits of point-of-care technology in low resource settings (Apr 5, 2011):
– Case Study on PointofCare Electronic Data Systems for ART Clinics in Malawi (pdf)

Groundwork toolkit: Tips for on-the-ground market research
– Download Tips: on the ground market research (pdf)

Groundwork toolkit: Reaching more for less – improving the distribution of information
– Download the full guide (pdf)

Groundwork toolkit: Monitoring & evaluation for internal management
– M&E for internal management guide (pdf)

Groundwork toolkit: Developing criteria for patient admittance and discharge 
– Download Creation of criteria for patient admittance and discharge (pdf)

Groundwork toolkit: 10 steps to successful collaboration
An MIT student team describes their collaborative process and shares tips on conducting qualitative surveys on the field
– Download 10 steps to delivery guide (pdf)

Groundwork toolkit: A repeatable framework for analysing and improving processes

Groundwork toolkit: Assessing point-of-care diagnostics for resource-limited settings
How can healthcare delivery organizations evaluate whether to invest in or use a point-of-care diagnostic?
– Download Assessment tool (pdf)

Groundwork toolkit: Developing a research function in a non-profit organization
How to develop a research function (pdf)