Paths to Sustainability and Impact for a Rural Hospital

Himalayan HealthCare (HHC) provides healthcare, education, and income generation to the remote mountain villages of Nepal.

In 2013, the nonprofit asked a team of MIT students to identify actionable steps to increase patient demand for its hospital and determine a compelling value proposition that would support the organization’s mission in the community. The project ultimately focused on the sustainability of the hospital. Before working on site, the team studied issues surrounding similar NGOs and rural hospitals. On the ground in Nepal, the students observed both the HHC and district hospitals, visited a rural medical camp in Gorkhe, delved into the hospital’s financials, and interviewed more than 30 HHC stakeholders. To enable Himalayan Health Care to sustain its mission, the team recommended operational, governance, and funding changes that they predicted would improve the organization’s health impact, effectiveness and financial performance.


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