Western Cape Department of Health

Streamlining pharmacy processes for better delivery of essential medicine

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GlobalHealth Lab’s second project with Retreat focused on its pharmacy, where we aimed to help streamline operations to improve the delivery of essential medicine to its patients. The first step was an extensive study tracking the entire process, from patient arrival to dispensing. The team then pinpointed specific opportunities to explore in depth and generated a set of practical ideas they tested on site. Read more

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Refining clinic processes to reduce patient wait times

Lotus - web

A public facility of the Western Cape Department of Health, Lotus River Clinic serves 13,000 low-income patients per month, including many with chronic diseases, in a Cape Flats neighborhood of Cape Town. Read more

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Reducing Wait Times in a Busy Public Clinic


The South African Provincial Western Cape Department of Health is a government-run organization that delivers free healthcare to more than 16 million uninsured patients every year. Read more

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