Exploring Mobile Data Collection and Maternal Health in Hyderabad

Dateline: March 2012 Location: Hyderabad, India by Kate Krontiris and Lina Sayed Kate Krontiris is a graduate student of public policy and business at the Harvard Kennedy School and the MIT Sloan School of Management.  Lina Sayed is a second-year MBA student at the MIT Sloan School of Management.  They are students of Global Health Delivery, travelling […] Continue Reading

Notes from the field: A day in the life for two MIT Sloan students at Chebaiywa clinic in Western Kenya

Dateline: March 2012 Location: Kipkaren, rural Western Kenya We have arrived in Chebaiywa! Last week, the clinical staff of Chebaiywa Health Center welcomed us as we began our GHD project.   The staff greeted us with a beautiful song and introductions.  The warm welcome kicked off an experience that has been truly amazing. On our first day, Michelle, […] Continue Reading

Notes from the classroom: A look ahead at my upcoming ghdLAB trip to Mozambique

Dateline: mid-March 2012 Location: MIT Sloan By: Deborah Hsieh Hola! The days are counting down until we arrive in Mozambique! Where do I fit if I care about global health, but don’t have medical training? –          In class, one of the standout moments was hearing from Bill Rodriguez. On one hand, he acknowledged the need for […] Continue Reading

Notes from the classroom: Exploring the role of energy infrastructure in health care delivery

Dateline: mid-March 2012 Location: MIT Sloan By: MIT Sloan ghdLAB students What would your life be like without a refrigerator, or a stovetop, or somewhere to charge your cell phone? Sitting in Cambridge, Massachusetts it is practically impossible to imagine. While talk of an energy crisis peppers our discussions, our electrified homes and gadgets are […] Continue Reading

Notes from the classroom: Thoughts on my upcoming ghdLAB trip and the role of electronic medical records in rural clinics

Dateline: mid-March 2012 Location: MIT Sloan by David Hilliard In less than a week, I leave to work on a project in a rural health center in Kenya!!  My teammate, Pipe, and I are extremely excited to touch ground next week and put our research to work.  We are visiting three host sites over the […] Continue Reading

Evaluating a microenterprise project linked to healthcare in Uganda

Dateline: Mid-March 2012 Location: MIT Sloan by Marisa Gerla & Mary Anito Our ghdLab project has officially kicked-off and we’re starting to get a better idea of what we will be focusing on.  This semester we will we working with the Sustainable Housing Initiative Project, or SHIP, in Mbarara, Uganda, which is a partnership with […] Continue Reading

Notes from the classroom: What I’m looking forward to on my upcoming trip to Kenya

Dateline: mid-March 2012 Location: MIT Sloan by Thapana “Pipe” Chairoj After realizing how much impact our team could potentially make for our host organization in the long-run, I became excited to put our knowledge and expertise into practice. Currently without any medical record system, Chebaiywa Health Center (CHC) has an ambitious goal of implementing OpenMRS […] Continue Reading

Notes from the classroom: Before leaving for Botswana

Dateline: mid-March 2012 Lcocation: MIT Sloan By: Sydney Atkins and Julia Kay Preis With our trip around the corner we struggle to strike a healthy balance of excitement and anticipation. Neither of us been to Botswana, and both are excited for our work ahead with Daktari Diagnostic. Daktari is a diagnostic company based in Cambridge […] Continue Reading

PIH’s Ophelia Dahl lends some advice to our team of MBAs

Dateline: February 2012 Location: MIT Sloan By: ghdLAB students Last week, MIT’s ghdLAB Special Projects team had the great opportunity to chat with Ophelia Dahl, the Executive Director of Partners in Health.  The Partners in Health organization was started by Ophelia and the legendary Paul Farmer and as of today has 15,000 employees in 20 […] Continue Reading

Harvard’s Rebecca Weintraub frames the big challenges in global health delivery for us

Dateline: February 2012 Location: MIT Sloan by Mary Anito In class last week we had the pleasure of talking to some of the leaders in the global health delivery space. Along with Ophelia Dahl (from Partners in Health; see another ghdLAB post on her) and and Marty Collier (from the Access Project in Rwanda), we were joined […] Continue Reading

When and how far to take an integrated approach?

Blog post by Alice Hartley “Today we can see that in the poorest places, only integrated approaches—those that take into account water, sanitation, economic opportunity, education and infrastructure along with health—sustainably and adequately address public health needs…Figuring out how to bring the complex matrix of development together requires systems knowledge, financing, and superb management.”  –Josh […] Continue Reading