Notes from the field: A day in the life for two MIT Sloan students at Chebaiywa clinic in Western Kenya

Dateline: March 2012 Location: Kipkaren, rural Western Kenya We have arrived in Chebaiywa! Last week, the clinical staff of Chebaiywa Health Center welcomed us as we began our GHD project.   The staff greeted us with a beautiful song and introductions.  The warm welcome kicked off an experience that has been truly amazing. On our first day, Michelle, […] Continue Reading

Notes from the classroom: Thoughts on my upcoming ghdLAB trip and the role of electronic medical records in rural clinics

Dateline: mid-March 2012 Location: MIT Sloan by David Hilliard In less than a week, I leave to work on a project in a rural health center in Kenya!!  My teammate, Pipe, and I are extremely excited to touch ground next week and put our research to work.  We are visiting three host sites over the […] Continue Reading

Notes from the classroom: What I’m looking forward to on my upcoming trip to Kenya

Dateline: mid-March 2012 Location: MIT Sloan by Thapana “Pipe” Chairoj After realizing how much impact our team could potentially make for our host organization in the long-run, I became excited to put our knowledge and expertise into practice. Currently without any medical record system, Chebaiywa Health Center (CHC) has an ambitious goal of implementing OpenMRS […] Continue Reading

Notes from the classroom: A student team reflects on what they learned from working with a hospice in Kipkaren, Kenya

Dateline: April 22, 2011 Location: Cambridge, MA Via ghdLAB, a team of four MIT graduate students (all MBA candidates; one also a Masters of Science in Engineering candidate) worked with a faith-based organization, Living Room International, in rural western Kenya this Spring. As our class comes to a close, each team put together a thank-you […] Continue Reading

Groundwork Toolkit: Launching an emergency call center for KenCall

A guide to the issues and steps in the process of launching an emergency call center in a resource-poor setting based on the experience of a student project with KenCall in 2010 written by Hassani Turner, MIT Sloan School of Management MBA Class of 2010 Global Health Delivery Lab at MIT is a course that allows […] Continue Reading