Groundwork Toolkit: The benefits of point-of-care technology in low resource settings

What are the key issues, costs and benefits of point-of-care electronic data systems in low resource settings? A case study using the example Baobab Health’s technology for ART clinics in Malawi Reflecting on the value of data in health care delivery, Ellen Tompsett, one of four MIT Sloan students working in Malawi in 2009 on a Global Health Delivery […] Continue Reading

Groundwork Toolkit: Launching an emergency call center for KenCall

A guide to the issues and steps in the process of launching an emergency call center in a resource-poor setting based on the experience of a student project with KenCall in 2010 written by Hassani Turner, MIT Sloan School of Management MBA Class of 2010 Global Health Delivery Lab at MIT is a course that allows […] Continue Reading

Groundwork Toolkit: Nurse staffing model for Warmbath’s Hospital

Determining staffing needs for Warmbath’s 36-bed Maternity Unit Presenting a tool created by an MIT student team for optimizing staffing in a clinical setting Warmbaths Hospital is a 133‐bed public district hospital in the rural Limpopo Province of South Africa. Each month, the hospital sees roughly 3000 outpatients, 1000 surgical inpatient‐days, 600 medical inpatient‐days, and […] Continue Reading

ghdLAB toolkit: best practices for small clinics

Operational and strategic assessment for Kampala Family Clinic in Uganda A capsule case report of analysis for improvement in finance, operations, marketing, and information technology Kampala Family Clinic (KFC) was founded in 2004 by two Ugandan entrepreneurs to provide quality, affordable healthcare to the growing middle class in the city of Kampala, Uganda.  The clinic grew quickly […] Continue Reading

A taste of Sierra Leone: A student report

Anusuya Das wrote an article for the March 2009 issue of MIT’s Graduate Student News. I reproduced it below. Kusheh! This past IAP, I spent three weeks working on a healthcare project in Sierra Leone as part of the G-Lab class in Sloan. For starters, I would recommend non- Sloan students interested global health delivery issues […] Continue Reading

An MIT Global Entreprenuership Lab – Health Delivery Adventure

From the blog of Ted Chan: When I decided to attend MIT Sloan, one of my explicit goals was to get hands-on experience working in other countries and different environments. I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone, and learn from people with different experience and backgrounds. MIT as a whole, and the Sloan […] Continue Reading