Notes from the field: Life in South Africa, through the eyes of a team working with loveLife

Dateline: March 23, 2011 Location: Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa An MIT student team shares some thoughts on inequality in living standards in South Africa. BY Tye Duncan, Rebbie Hughes, Todd Waldron, and Nicole Zenel  One of the things we have found most striking in our travels in South Africa is the wide range in […] Continue Reading

Groundwork Toolkit: Nurse staffing model for Warmbath’s Hospital

Determining staffing needs for Warmbath’s 36-bed Maternity Unit Presenting a tool created by an MIT student team for optimizing staffing in a clinical setting Warmbaths Hospital is a 133‐bed public district hospital in the rural Limpopo Province of South Africa. Each month, the hospital sees roughly 3000 outpatients, 1000 surgical inpatient‐days, 600 medical inpatient‐days, and […] Continue Reading

Notes from the field: Unjani, or How are you?

Dateline: March 25, 2011 Location: Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa An MIT Student team reports from the field on their work with RTT Group’s “Unjani Clinic-in-a-Box” designed to provide access to affordable healthcare in South Africa’s rural areas. It’s our last day here in Jo’burg on the RTT Unjani project; We present our findings to […] Continue Reading