MIT Sloan’s new Global Health Delivery tackles constraints in delivering health care in emerging markets

December 29, 2008 –

Graduate students enrolled in MIT Sloan School of Management’s newest global entrepreneurship course, Global Health Delivery, are venturing to resource-poor settings in Africa this January to tackle practical constraints in delivering health care to the neediest with new approaches that have implications for the United States.

This new course is the result of collaborative efforts between MIT Sloan’s Global Entrepreneurship Laboratory (G-Lab) and Harvard University’s Global Health Delivery Project.

G-Lab, an international project-based class, pairs its students with real-world startups in emerging markets across the globe wrestling with management challenges. Like G-Lab, Global Health Delivery harnesses the expertise of engineering, bio-medical, and social science students from across MIT as well as its core group of MBAs.  Read more…

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