Drawing Lessons from Business for Healthcare Delivery in Ghana

The Ghana refining and marketing branch subsidiary of Total, a French-based multinational energy company, operated 212 service stations in the country’s ten regions

In 2009, Total collaborated with GlobalHealth Lab for a student study of the company’s supply chain management in order to explore how it could contribute to improving logistics in Ghana’s Health Services. An MIT student team delved into Total’s operations and supply chain management through research on geographical and logistical factors in Ghana, field visits, and interviews with local experts and supply chain specialists. The team assessed the country’s challenges in delivering health services, and analyzed how Total ensured supply chain reliability in the same settings. The students’ report cited applications for supply chain management to global healthcare delivery, sharing insights and ideas for improving the distribution channels and access, and identifying opportunities for Total to share its technical knowledge with Ghana’s Health Services. While the study yielding intriguing insights, a year later they had not found their way into practice.


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