Strategic Planning Expands a Community Organization

Kyetume Community Based Health Care Programme (KCBHCP) strives to improve the general health of underserved rural people in Mukono District, Uganda.

In 2008, Kyetume engaged a team of MIT students in creating a five-year strategic plan for two health centers, including recommendations on sustainable funding sources and a monitoring and performance framework to encourage staff follow-through with the plan. The MIT students began by observing onsite activities to create a map of current interventions and revenue streams. Then, after discussing the organization’s current status, vision, mission, and goals with its leadership, the team identified gaps in current activities and plans and created a strategic report of recommendations for future programming and funding decisions. In response to the team’s work, KCBHCP revised the strategic plan, enlisted help to build on the team’s suggested sliding payment program, and began to publish regular newsletters.


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