Business models in global health: LivingGoods

Health-business-in-a-bag  Student observations on LivingGoods’ model and future strategies by Vishal Gupta, Jenny Hu, Kevin Kung, and Awilda Mendez In late 2010, a small team of MIT students took a look at the organization from the outside and, as a course assignment, prepared an executive summary aimed at its board of directors. This article presents […] Continue Reading

Notes from the field: A first-hand account of rural healthcare in India

Dateline: March 16, 2011 Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh By: A team of MIT graduate students in ghdLAB The MIT CRHM team arrived in safely Hyderabad on Sunday March 12, 2011 at 4AM and were swiftly greeted and whisked away to our hotel and spent the day recovering from jet-lag and the end of the semester. […] Continue Reading

ghdLAB and our work in global health delivery

Mind, hand, management and health care How global health delivery connects to MIT Sloan’s mission Modern medicine could reduce disease greatly, yet fails to reach millions. Innovations in management may help address the constraints. We focus on organizations on the front lines of care delivery, studying the issues, interacting with experts, and connecting students with real-world […] Continue Reading

technology: the glamorous and the grinding

Can we make process, management, and systems a bit less dreary and a bit more glam? So, we’re at MIT, where technology is in the air, and I have my own personal obsessions with technology–witness my (often flawed) forays into twitter, delicious, and too many mobile phones, along with plenty of other tech tools.  Source: […] Continue Reading

VisionSpring, vision entrepreneurs

Several years ago, thanks to an innovative class pioneered by my MIT Sloan colleague Simon Johnson, MIT students had a chance to partner with finalists in the World Bank Development Marketplace business plan competition. Student teams worked directly with promising entrepreneurs, mostly from the developing world, to address a development challenge posed by the World Bank […] Continue Reading