Dar es Salaam

Taking on Obstacles at the Frontier of Service Delivery


Mass Development Association of Dar es Salaam (MAdeA) helped victims of domestic violence and sexual assault through prevention, education, microloan, and training programs. Read more

Management · Tanzania

Deploying Technology to Promote Health Commodities


Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) is an association of business people that invests in the working poor through microfinance loans to entrepreneurs, investment in start-up businesses, a service that links small-scale producers with markets, and an advising network. Read more

Technology Adoption · Tanzania

Countrywide Logistics Dashboarding for Health Commodities


A locally-registered non-governmental organization affiliated with Population Services International, PSI Tanzania was committed to improving the health of vulnerable groups in Tanzania by promoting healthy behavior and delivering quality affordable health products through social marketing. Read more

Operations · Tanzania

National Market Entry Strategy for a New Anesthesia Machine


Gradian Health Systems, a New York headquartered company, aimed to equip hospitals to deliver anesthesia safely and economically with its Universal Anesthesia Machine (UAM), a CE-marked device designed for use in any hospital, including those where unreliable electricity and shortages of compressed medical gases preclude the use of conventional machines. Read more

Marketing & Patient Demand · Tanzania