National Market Entry Strategy for a New Anesthesia Machine

Gradian Health Systems, a New York headquartered company, aimed to equip hospitals to deliver anesthesia safely and economically with its Universal Anesthesia Machine (UAM), a CE-marked device designed for use in any hospital, including those where unreliable electricity and shortages of compressed medical gases preclude the use of conventional machines.

As a social enterprise, Gradian collaborated with partners in clinical medicine, ministries of health, medical technology and philanthropy. In 2013, Gradian asked MIT’s GlobalHealth Lab to devise a market entry strategy for the UAM in Tanzania and identify potential customers. The student team conducted primary and secondary research to understand the Tanzanian public healthcare system and current access to reliable anesthesia, explore relationships with potential funding sources and key decision makers, assess the competitor landscape, and identify product approval requirements. Its final report included detailed strategic recommendations for Gradian to pursue in order to enter this new market.



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