Marketing & Patient Demand

Deploying Telemedicine at G S Memorial Plastic Surgery Hospital

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In the second GlobalHealth Lab project with GS Memorial, the team focused on guidelines for telemedicine clinics that could improve patient return rates and manage costs for the private and charity hospital, delving into detailed geo-data on patients and exploring their attitudes towards telemedicine. Read more

Marketing & Patient Demand · India

Increasing Community Health Worker Income at BRAC

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BRAC, the world’s largest development NGO, serves over 100 million people through its health programs. This project aimed to improve business strategy and operational models for its keystone Essential Health Care program to generate demand for its services, enhance operations, and refine marketing strategy. Improving the Essential Health Care program could benefit BRAC’s 55,000 embedded community health workers by raising their income and enable BRAC to address health needs of vulnerable people more effectively and efficiently. Read more

Marketing & Patient Demand · Bangladesh

Reaching New Patient Segments with Urban Clinics


Meridian Medical Centres offered middle-income patients modern, fully equipped medical facilities. Read more

Marketing & Patient Demand · Kenya

Pricing and Marketing to Grow a Micro-Clinic Franchise


Pharmaceutical and medical supply claims were the major focus of one of the biggest divisions of RTT, South Africa’s largest privately owned distribution company (in 2013 it was acquired by Imperial Health and renamed). Unjani was a social project run by RTT's leadership that aimed to contribute to the welfare of its 7000+ employees, their families, along with the broader community, through the creation of sustainable local businesses designed to provide basic, affordable health services near RTT warehouses. Read more

Marketing & Patient Demand · South Africa

National Market Entry Strategy for a New Anesthesia Machine


Gradian Health Systems, a New York headquartered company, aimed to equip hospitals to deliver anesthesia safely and economically with its Universal Anesthesia Machine (UAM), a CE-marked device designed for use in any hospital, including those where unreliable electricity and shortages of compressed medical gases preclude the use of conventional machines. Read more

Marketing & Patient Demand · Tanzania

Mapping the Market for Maternal Health Diagnostics in Botswana


In 2012, Daktari requested a second team of students to research potential opportunities in maternal health diagnostics in Botswana. Read more

Marketing & Patient Demand · Botswana

Defining the Market for a Rugged Diagnostic Device


US based Daktari Diagnostics commercializes low-cost, rugged health diagnostics. Read more

Marketing & Patient Demand · Uganda

Aligning Marketing, Pricing, and Delivery with Patient Preferences


Carolina for Kibera, or CFK, fights abject poverty and promotes youth leadership and ethnic and gender cooperation in East Africa’s largest slum. In partnership with the US Centers for Disease Control, CFK ran the Tabitha Clinic, a three-story facility in the heart of Kibera. Read more

Marketing & Patient Demand · Kenya

Hospital Market Positioning Amid a Changing Health Sector


CARE Hospitals evolved from a cardiac hospital to a chain of multi-specialty tertiary and quaternary care hospitals with 1600 beds in five Indian states that aimed to provide affordable, high quality services to a broad a segment of the country’s population, including lower-income segments. Read more

Marketing & Patient Demand · India