Pricing and Marketing to Grow a Micro-Clinic Franchise

Pharmaceutical and medical supply claims were the major focus of one of the biggest divisions of RTT, South Africa’s largest privately owned distribution company (in 2013 it was acquired by Imperial Health and renamed). Unjani was a social project run by RTT's leadership that aimed to contribute to the welfare of its 7000+ employees, their families, along with the broader community, through the creation of sustainable local businesses designed to provide basic, affordable health services near RTT warehouses.

In 2013, Unjani sought GlobalHealth Lab’s help in scaling up its clinics, which it recognized would require the social business to develop a strategy for driving up the patient volume and establish an appropriate pricing strategy. The team researched franchisee practices and conducted on-site interviews with more than 80 healthcare staff, public workers, patients, and potential patients living around each clinic. The team also explored possible partnerships with public clinics, analyzed the community willingness to pay, and identified the clinics with the greatest potential in order to target resources accordingly. The team’s work culminated in strategic recommendations for optimizing pricing, development business owner skills, and increasing patient awareness to drive volumes for this network of primary care clinics.


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