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Deploying Telemedicine at G S Memorial Plastic Surgery Hospital

In the second GlobalHealth Lab project with GS Memorial, the team focused on guidelines for telemedicine clinics that could improve patient return rates and manage costs for the private and charity hospital, delving into detailed geo-data on patients and exploring their attitudes towards telemedicine.

G S Memorial Hospital performed more cleft lip and palate repairs for US-based charity Smile Train than any other center in the world, and in 2014 sought to build on its accomplishments by extending its services to more patients requiring cleft palate and burn surgery, while also improving patients’ access to follow-up care.

To explore the feasibility of large-scale implementation of remote methods for screening and following up on patients, the GlobalHealth Lab student team surveyed 50 patients to assess their attitudes to telemedicine technology and helped to run a test of the telemedicine approach. Students also conducted an analysis to understand the relationship between medical need and ability to access care in the surrounding areas. The team then devised an optimal geographic distribution of clinics throughout northern India. By developing new business and marketing strategies to expand patient outreach and increase visibility, the team’s work could help G S Memorial scale its operations, expand its sites, attract donor attention, and develop a world-class plastic surgery institute and training center.