Business Models for Rural Nurse Cellphone Consultation


ClickDiagnostics, a mobile medical diagnostics start-up originally developed in MIT’s Media Lab, created a remote diagnosis and treatment technology in order to enable better access to healthcare in the developing world. Read more

Strategy & Business Models · South Africa

Mapping the Market for Maternal Health Diagnostics in Botswana


In 2012, Daktari requested a second team of students to research potential opportunities in maternal health diagnostics in Botswana. Read more

Marketing & Patient Demand · Botswana

Defining the Market for a Rugged Diagnostic Device


US based Daktari Diagnostics commercializes low-cost, rugged health diagnostics. Read more

Marketing & Patient Demand · Uganda

Keys to Bringing a New Diagnostic Tool to Market


To support its planned launch in Kenya, Daktari engaged a student team to explore the company's options for supply chain, service, maintenance, and training that would best enable the novel machine to reach patients in need of testing. Read more

Strategy & Business Models · Kenya